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Optimizing Overdraft Revenue: Trends & Tactics

Original Broadcast Date: March 30th, 2017

Duration: 60 minutes 
Price: $349.00





Overdraft Revenue is one of the most critical forms of fee revenue at Financial Institutions. Today, OD Revenue is at $32.9B, an increase of $400M since last year. There are several factors that contribute to optimizing fee revenue such as Opt-in, pricing, limits, cost, and compliance.


Congress and President Trump have stated that the Dodd-Frank Act will be repealed in the near future. What will happen to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau? This political uncertainty is having an effect on overdraft pricing, revenue, and design strategies.

In the past 6 months, 11.0% of all depositories have changed their OD Price. Of those who adjusted their price, 34.9% decreased it, the largest amount we’ve seen in the past 5 years. Although the national OD price has remained at $30, the recent decrease in price may be signaling a new trend to emerge: depositories are pricing overdrafts as a safety net instead of a penalty. How does a decrease in price affect OD Revenue and Volume? Will this change boost opt-in rates or will it trigger a fall of OD revenue?

Key Takeaways:

·         How OD Limits and Volume are linked – learn how risk will give you the reward you want

·         Who is increasing and decreasing OD price and why

·         Why Overdrafts will not be affected by the CFPB and elimination of the Dodd-Frank Act

·         How Overdraft Revenue and Interchange work together to achieve the fee income you need

·         Opt-in is currently less than 30% for most Financial Institutions – learn how to double this

Moebs Services monitors the marketplace to give you the data, information, and intelligence you need to position yourself for success in Overdrafts. Our January 2017 OD Survey, consisting of 3,817 depositories, will provide insights on OD trends and identify tactics essential for your institution to optimize overdraft revenue.

You won’t want to miss this valuable webinar!


Webinar Overview:

  1.   Find out OD Market Trends of 3,800 Depositories
  2.   How Low OD Prices Increase Volume & Revenue
  3.   Raising OD Limits for Profit: Risk vs. Reward
  4.   Why the CFPB will not be a Factor in OD Compliance
  5.   Maximizing OD & Interchange Revenue
  6.   OD Opt-In: Learn Cutting-edge Strategies