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Pricing Deposit Fees

Date:     Thursday, September 28, 2017
Time:     12 PM Noon CDT
Length:  60 minutes
Cost:      $299.00 per site – Includes live webinar, On Demand webinar recording with no expiration, and presentation slides.

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Service Charges to AssetsDeposit fees are fees consumers face at most banks, thrifts and credit unions. These fees include monthly checking fees, overdrafts, official checks, check cashing, and many more. In our most recent research, we are seeing these fees are declining due to strong economic and marketplace factors. 
In addition, many financial institutions have not altered the price of certain fees in many years. Some fees and related features, such as the limits on overdrawing a checking account, are still averaging $500 dollars and have not changed since 1998.
Knowing how to analyze and adjust the prices of deposit fees at your institution can increase fee revenue sharply, or at a minimum, stop the decline in overall deposit fee revenue. In some cases, lowering the price will stimulate increases in volume to increase fee revenue.

This webinar will show you how to price Deposit Fees to gain more revenue
Topics covered:
1. Why do Consumers Hate Fees?
2. Do Checking Balances affect Fee Revenue?
3. Learn the key to Increasing Overdraft Revenue 
4. CFPB Provides an Opt-In Opportunity
5. How to capitalize on Credit Card Interchange Exceeding OD Revenue
6. Relationship Pricing Kills Fee Revenue

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