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The Pricing Institute - Overview

Immerse yourself in cutting edge thinking about pricing

Take advantage of this dynamic, interactive course and you’ll come away with a solid understanding of the art and science of pricing. Even if you consider yourself relatively experienced at pricing, you’ll gain new insights including:

  • Pricing strategies - cost, competition, relationship, value and risk
  • The basic economics of price and volume
  • Factors affecting pricing - expense control, strategic direction, marketing orientation and price management
    • The importance of implementing prices with choices and options
    • The essence of price - Price is the service and the service is the price
    • How all services are subject to price/volume relationships - whether demand-driven (loans, fees, and non-interest deposits) or supply-driven (deposits)
      • How to apply price action to reduce expenses - becoming a low-cost producer of a service also allows you to be the low pricer  

        By learning how to price your products and services correctly you’ll see your day-to-day business grow dramatically.

        What benefits will I take back to my institution?

        There are many important reasons to invest in The Pricing Institute:

        • Earn back 10 times the cost of the program within 30 days with new price skills
        • Learn how to price – not what to charge
        • Know the price actions that reduce expenses
        • Arm yourself with techniques to reduce APRs while increasing profits
        • Identify ways to reduce fees while increasing fee revenue
        • Become skilled at price transparency
        • Make regulatory price compliance easy and seamless
        • Learn how to manage the risks of pricing
        • Gain knowledge to create value when pricing
        • Discover price history and the value of not repeating pricing errors
        • Understand the politics of pricing and learn to be a skilled price politician

        The Pricing Institute helped us immensely by showing us how to price closer to the market and how to set individual prices to fit our overall pricing strategy.

        - President $550 million Financial Institution California

        Who should attend?
        Anyone in a position to set, change or influence prices.
        • Presidents
        • Directors
        • COOs
        • CFOs
        • Executive vice presidents
        • Managers of finance
        • Marketing directors
        • Operations directors
        • Accounting Managers
        • Lending officers

        For more information, please contact Michael Moebs at [email protected], or by phone at 847-615-8000