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Moebs in the News

How do you feel when you get bad information when trying to make a decision?
Your kids you may expect, but your bank or credit union?
39.6% of financial institutions give out bad data!
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The best is low or no fees, and free checking.
Many do not offer this. See who does below.
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ODs are over 70% of almost all banks and credit unions service charges to consumers.
An overdraft price increase is significant for consumers and even small businesses.
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Land lines, snail mail and now Free Checking.
This debranding action, especially large in 2018, is monumental for banks & thrifts, and especially credit unions.
This is the same as McDonald’s stop selling fries.
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Learn why less is more when it comes to checking accounts.
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Overdraft Revenue inched out an increase for the 12 months ending September 30, 2018.
The story below concludes with steps to take to insure increased friendly usage by consumers.
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Chair Powell You Hold $1 Trillion in Excess Money – Let it Go!

Lake Forest, IL (December 20, 2018) The Stock and Bond markets reflected yesterday that Chair Powell and the Governors at the Fed may not get it.

If Professor Milton Friedman were with us he would suggest looking at the money side.
This is what this writing suggests – such a simple solution.
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Lake Forest, IL (November 13, 2018) 
The Federal Reserve is fixated on interest rate. The Fed thinks of nothing but price. Isn’t the fundamental of economics to build on price and volume?
Moebs $ervices’, an economic research firm, Rate and Money Study found: The Fed is keeping money supply low and increasing rates. This coupled with fiscal policy of tax cuts is what the Fed believes will stimulate the economy.
Michael Moebs, Economist & CEO of Moebs Services, believes the Fed Policy risks putting many depositories out of business. “The Fed’s rapid interest rate increases makes no sense,” states Moebs. “Banks, thrifts, credit unions and even money market mutual funds do not have rates anywhere even near the Fed’s Fed Funds Rate currently at 2.25%. The average basic savings rate for all depositories is 0.27%. Normally savings rates reflect 50% of the Fed Funds Rate. The average basic savings rate is 12.00% of the Fed Funds rate.”


Technology isn’t the whole story. Branches still matter.


Americans have a love-hate relationship with their bank. 
Intimacy is built in because of the very nature of personal financial transactions, yet customers are often dissatisfied with the fees they pay and the service they receive.


“The Economy, Stupid.” Phrase used by Presidents Clinton & Trump Campaigns
Lake Forest, IL (March 14, 2017) In 2000, the median overdraft was $18. A price less than $20 was not controversial then and it is not today. According to the Minneapolis Fed’s Inflation Calculator, the current price of an Overdraft today should be $25. According to a new Overdraft Study in January, 2017 by Moebs $ervices, an economic research firm, the median price of an overdraft (OD) is $30. “Matching the current price of $30 with the inflation adjusted price of $25 is a 20% more for a service that has not changed enough in value or cost to warrant this price,” says Michael Moebs, CEO & Economist of Moebs Services.

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