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Overdraft Revenue Soars – Can This Continue?

Overdraft review will fall. Read Why.
Semper, Mike

Mix Results Amid COVID-19 Crisis Signals Uncertainty

Lake Forest, IL (August 3, 2020) First quarter results are finally here, and overdraft revenue hits $34.5 billion. Year to year OD transactions increased 4.8%, while OD price stayed the same. “This is the most unusual first quarter results since we started tracking overdrafts in 1983,” exclaims Michael Moebs, Economist & CEO of Moebs $ervices an economic research firm who did the Overdraft Study. “Layer on this the impact of the financial crisis caused by COVID-19 and these results are extraordinary.” The key question is will the first quarter of 2020 OD behavior continue? The Moebs OD Study thinks not. READ FULL ARTICLE

Written By: m.moebs
Date Posted: 8/3/2020
Number of Views: 305