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Riding Out the Economic Perfect Storm Intact

Lately every day makes me feel like my first parachute jump in the Navy.
This report will help you navigate thru the storm safely.
If you need help ask. I landed safe and sound in my first jump.


As the Balance Sheet Changes & The Net Interest Margin Falls, Depositories Can Preserve the Bottom Line

Lake Forest, IL (March 18, 2020) The Coronavirus is wreaking havoc to the economy globally. The markets are in a state of shock with great volatility. The Federal Reserve has done its best to calm this economic perfect storm. What about the individual bank, credit union and thrift? What is each depository’s financial fate?
Lessons learned from the Great Recession give us clues for what to expect at each financial institution. And, the Chinese experience with COVID-19 tells us somewhat the breadth and depth of the expectations.
What’s Relevant from the Great Recession for the Coronavirus Pandemic
image008.pngAn often unused ratio, investments to assets (ITA), gives insight drawn from the Great Recession era to help us. READ FULL ARTICLE

Written By: m.moebs
Date Posted: 3/18/2020
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