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Et tu, Coronavirus!

Never before has the Federal Reserve been so bold. Go Fed!

The Fed Strikes COVID-19 for the Health of the USA on the Ides of March 2020

The Federal Reserve at 5:05 PM EST, March 15, 2020 took unprecedent and historic moves to prevent COVID-19 health pandemic from taking control of the US economy and markets. In order to stop the health pandemic from turning economic conditions into a credit crisis like the Great Recession of 2008 the Fed issued 3 actions:

Reducing the Fed Funds Rate to 0.25%; Federal Reserve issues FOMC statement
Coordinating with other Central Banks providing U.S. $ Liquidity: Coordinated Central Bank Action to Enhance the Provision of U.S. Dollar Liquidity and
Unsheathed it’s swords and knives to kill COVID-19 for US Households and Business, Federal Reserve Actions to Support the Flow of Credit to Households and Businesses. READ FULL ARTICLE

Written By: m.moebs
Date Posted: 3/16/2020
Number of Views: 101