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The Economic Perfect Storm Unfolds

The key to what’s happening is to realize this is an economic event which goes far beyond the coronavirus.
All the pieces are coming together as individual storms to make the economic perfect storm.

Pandemic + Longest Stock Bull Run + Unfocused Monetary Policy + Global Recession = Economic Perfect Storm

Lake Forest, IL (February 29, 2020) The Coronavirus COVID-19 is the very hair breaking the global economy’s back. This virus is the final piece of a perfect storm. An economic perfect storm is a rare combination of adverse and unpredictable business and consumer factors. Strategically these factors are:

  • A disease scaring people to stay in their homes reducing retail sales and business output.
  • A ten year bull run, US stock market, the longest in history, doomed to end hurting capital investment and labor.
  • A huge short fall in money stock which has curtailed greater economic monetary expansion.
  • Deposits way to short in duration for way too long masking another potential Great Recession.


Written By: m.moebs
Date Posted: 2/29/2020
Number of Views: 132