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How Employee Efficient is Your Depository?

If a consumer goes into a branch they want tellers and others to be efficient.
Many users avoid a bank or credit union because of some employees.
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Credit Unions Come in Last & Thrifts are on Top

Lake Forest, IL (December 4, 2019) Fewer employees is the trigger to producing high deposit rates and a better bottom line. There are many measures of employee efficiency, or less staff, but the granddaddy of all people ratios is millions of assets per employee. 
The asset/employee ratio utilizes: cash held, investments, loans, non-earning assets, checking, deposits, borrowings, capital, and the bottom line.
“Employee Efficiency allows the comparison of large and small depositories, well run, badly run, and usually leads to an effectual income statement,” declares Michael Moebs, Economist & CEO of Moebs $ervices an economic research firm doing the Employee Efficiency Study. READ FULL ARTICLE

Written By: m.moebs
Date Posted: 12/4/2019
Number of Views: 299