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Deposit Pricing

“On Valentine Day this year, Mike Mayo – highly respected bank analyst of Wells Fargo Securities, ask Mike Moebs to do a repeat of his very well regarded “State of Deposit Pricing” of November, 2017. This was an invitation only webinar attended by over a 100 institutional investors. The webinar was scheduled for 60 minutes but got extended to 82 minutes with no one leaving. The following transcript is of this February 14, 2019 webinar.”

Transcript – Deposit Pricing

Mike Mayo: Welcome to today’s call on deposit pricing at banks. I’m Mike Mayo, large cap bank analyst.  My co-hosts are Jared Shaw, mid cap bank analyst, and James Strecker, fixed income bank analyst. We are all with Wells Fargo Securities. On today’s call, our subject matter expert is the CEO of Moebs Services, Mike Moebs.  Deposit pricing is on the minds of bank investors, that’s for sure; so let’s get to it.

His colleagues know him as the “The Prairie Economist”.  A few points about Mike - he studied at the University of Chicago under Milton Friedman, and he’s also published 20 – that’s two zero – books. He has patents on risk management, economies of scale and checking behavior, and he provides data and intelligence to banks, governments and many more.  So Mike, please share some of that intelligence with us, and thanks for joining us. 


Written By: m.moebs
Date Posted: 3/21/2019
Number of Views: 760