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We Pick the Best Banks

Technology isn’t the whole story. Branches still matter.


Americans have a love-hate relationship with their bank. 
Intimacy is built in because of the very nature of personal financial transactions, yet customers are often dissatisfied with the fees they pay and the service they receive.

On page 26, you’ll find Kiplinger’s first-ever rankings of banks that do right by their customers. Our list of the best national and regional banks 
and credit unions with national access was four months in the making, spear­ headed by a dedicated team led by se­ nior editor Mark Solheim, along with contributing editor Lisa Gerstner and staff writer Miriam Cross. They vetted a half-dozen data providers before finding a fit with Moebs Services, in Lake Forest, Ill., which has been analyzing and advising financial insti­tutions since 1983. (Coincidentally, Moebs was one of my trusted sources when I covered banking for Kiplinger’s a number of years ago.) READ FULL ARTICLE

Written By: m.moebs
Date Posted: 12/27/2018
Number of Views: 615