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One Thousand Hours and Counting!
Moebs’ Financial Services Survey


Decision makers rely on accurate data to legislate, regulate and evaluate consumer and business prices and usage behavior.

Moebs’ Financial Services Survey provides that accurate data.

Collection of the 2011 Survey data for businesses and consumers has just been completed and analysis has begun.  Results of the annual study of financial services offered by the nation’s financial institutions will be available beginning in late July.

Assembling the most statistical and statistically significant (+/-1%) data about the financial marketplace requires a well-defined methodology, tested audits and controls, operational efficiency and attention to detail.

Over a period of 1000+ hours in June, 2011, 30 surveyists monitored by 3 auditors interviewed by phone:

  • 1214 Banks
  • 26 Too Big To Fail Banks
  • 1292 Credit Unions
  • 641 Retail Merchants
  • 472 Payday Lenders
  • 3645 Total institutions providing consumers and business financial services.

Moebs $ervices’ analysts are now analyzing the data to turn it into solutions for the financial services industry.  Whether the data is used for public policy, regulation, profitability or consumer protection, users can be assured of the accuracy of the information.
First rounds of the Financial Services Survey will be released in late July..

To receive the complimentary Survey releases, submit the form below or email Cecilia Hernandez, Director of Market Development and Education.