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Moebs 2011 Financial Pricing Survey – First Release

Decision makers rely on accurate data to legislate, regulate and evaluate consumer and business prices and usage behavior.

Moebs’ Financial Services Survey provides that accurate data – statistical and statistically significant to +/- 1%.

Moebs surveyists contacted over 3600 financial institutions during June, 2011.  Analysis has been underway since then.

The first Survey summaries covering Overdraft Prices, Free Checking and a Comparison of Overdraft Pricing by institution and geography are now available.

The remaining Survey results covering Overdraft Revenue projections, Credit Cards, ATMs and Commercial Checking and Reg Z will be released over the next weeks.  

To receive the complimentary Survey releases, submit the form below or email J.V. Proesel, Chief Compliance Officer and Director of Client Services.

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