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Moebs $ervices has been featured in several prestigious periodicals such as:

The New York Times, USA Today - Money, ABC News, The Washington Post,
The Wall Street Journal, DowJones,, Chicago Tribune,
New York Post,,,,
American Banker, Credit Union Times, and US Banker.

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Surveying the 2014 financial marketplace, Moebs Services identifies 10 events – 5 worst and 5 best – that will continue to impact Financial Institutions in 2015. Read more   

For the first time since the introduction of the BankAmericard credit card in 1958, there is a new payment system in the marketplace—Reloadable Prepaid Cards... Read more   

Like “bags fly free” and “milk and eggs,” checking accounts are loss leaders.  Just like airlines and grocery stores, these loss leaders have a significant impact on Financial Institutions’ bottom line ... Read more   

Financial Institutions (FIs) are getting back to basics – reducing the number and types of checking offers in order to cut costs and improve their staffs’ ability to sell, ... Read more   

“There’s been a definite flight to safety,” says Michael Moebs, Economist and CEO of economic research firm Moebs Services, about the state of checking since the mortgage melt down in 2008. Read more   

“Free Checking” was never really free for financial institutions, but now Wall Street Banks are accelerating their pullback from this one time “loss leader” according to the latest study by Moebs Services ... Read more   

After a price increase by Credit Unions in the first part of 2013, overdraft prices stabilized for all depositories according to the January 2-10, 2014 overdraft survey by Moebs Services, an economic research firm located in Lake Bluff, IL. Read more   

Tracking money is difficult. Moebs’ study of the basic measures of money shows inconsistent behavior in managing money by 6 Fed Chairmen from 1959.  Will Janet Yellen continue this? ... Read more   

On the surface depositories appear to be doing well.  Since the 4th quarter of 2012, deposits up 1.8%, loans up 2.0%, margins up 2.5%, fees up 1.8% and expenses down 1.2%.... Read more   

Overdraft revenue increased 2nd quarter 2013 to 3rd quarter to an annualized $31.8 Billion according to the latest quarterly study on overdrafts by Moebs Services, an economic research firm located in Lake Bluff, IL. Read more   

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